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WinMagic focuses on intelligent solutions for everything encryption, securing data at rest globally by providing or managing full disk and file, and other forms of data encryption, through high standards and strong ethics

With one console, and uniquely, one unified key management for multi-applications and multi-OS from endpoint, IoT, to the servers, and cloud, SecureDoc by WinMagic offers the best of both worlds – the ability to leverage built-in encryption from the platform provider, combined with sophisticated key management from WinMagic. And, when native encryption is not adequate WinMagic provides the encryption component, too.



Protect Your Data
Protect devices, physical servers, removable media, files and folders with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.

 Strengthen Compliance
Keep up with evolving privacy and security regulations across all industries with monitoring and detailed reporting from encryption status to failed authentication and everything in between.

Optimize Operations
Reduce cost of ownership and maximize productivity with innovate solutions like PBConnex.



Lock Down Your Data Center

Encrypt at the VM-level to ensure that workloads are protected throughout the VM lifecycle, including migration, cloning, snapshots, BU and DR.

Support Hyper-Convergence
Protect workloads running on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) with validated support for leading platforms, Scale Computing and Nutanix.

Migrate to Cloud IaaS
Eliminate hardware, hypervisor or vendor lock-in with encryption that’s ready for public cloud when you are



Secure Any Cloud
Deploy cloud-agnostic, persistent encryption that travels with your VMs across private, public and hybrid cloud.

Keep the Keys at Home
Enforce data governance and compliance with time, location, and clone-based access controls. VMs will not boot without key delivered from your policy-driven, enterprise-controlled key management server.

Start Me Up
Simplify deployment with zero-downtime, online encryption for both Windows and Linux VMs.

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